July 14, 2021

Triple-A Final Stretch

Triple-A Final Stretch

Minor League Baseball announced today that there would be a new twist at the end of the Triple-A season. In conjunction with Major League Baseball, MiLB will be rescheduling 10-games that were postponed at the beginning of the season. The 10-games being rescheduled will be played as part of a new postseason format called "Triple-A Final Stretch."

What makes this new format so exciting is that all 30 Triple-A teams will have an opportunity to play in this final stretch that will follow the 120-game Triple-A season, which concludes on Sept 21. All clubs will play five home games and five road games. 

Per MiLB, a 2021 Regular Season Champion will be named from both the Triple-A East and Triple-A West divisions. The Regular Season Champion will be named based on the overall winning percentage through the originally scheduled championship season. 

To crown a winner during the Triple-A Final Stretch, the team with the highest overall winning percentage during these 10-games will be declared the winner. 

To see the schedule, click here.