• Rip Griffin

Will Baseball Survive?

Updated: Sep 15

Baseball is BACK, but for how long? After months of going back and forth, rejecting proposal after proposal – the owners and players have finally come to an agreement. Ironically, this proposal is the first one that was put into place back in March. So, why all this back and forth nonsense? Money! That is what it all boiled down. While the owners and players kept going back and forth negotiating the financing, they, meaning MLB, failed to put in place on how fast testing would be done. Part of the deal was that players would be testing regularly to prevent players from contracting the COVID-19. So far, testing has gone as planned as players seem to be adjusting to this new reality that is COVID-19.

We are not even a week into Summer Camp, which by the way is a stupid name to call it. Why can’t MLB do better when it comes to marketing? All the other leagues do such a better job marketing their brand, but MLB is still lagging in that department. I thought surely, they would roll with “Spring Training 2.0”, or maybe something like “The Boys of Summer”, but no, they went with “Summer Camp”. Unfortunately, I am not part of the marketing department for MLB, so I digress.

Going back to my point, Summer Camp is not a week old and yet the players that have been testing are still waiting for the results to come back. This means that as July 6, 2020, teams such as the Washington Nationals, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Angels, and Oakland Athletics have cancelled workouts due to the COVID-19 testing not going as smoothly as they planned. If MLB has any shot at making this into a season, then they are going to have to do better when it comes to testing, because these players are not going to jeopardize their health and their families health over this.

That brings me to my next topic. Players are starting to opt out of this season. So far, there have been nine players that have opted out for this season. Mike Leake, Ryan Zimmerman, Joe Ross, Ian Desmond, Tyson Ross, Welington Castillo, David Price (first big name to opt out), Felix Hernandez, and Nick Markakis. Soon, there will be more. Most notably that is on the fence right now is Mike Trout. If Trout decides to opt out of this season, their will plenty more that will follow right be behind him.

If Mike Trout decides to opt out of this season - a player who is arguably the best player of our generation, the player that MLB uses almost daily to promote the league, decides he is done for this year and says “I’ll see you in 2021” while throwing up a piece sign as he walks out the door? What does that do to the game of baseball? Will baseball be able to survive? Only time will tell, and right now time is not on the MLB side. July 23rd approaching very quickly, and if baseball has any shot at a season now is time to buckle down and not screw it up. Well, they have already screwed it up, I guess it cannot get any worse. Or, maybe it can!

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